Sunday, November 04, 2012

Dark Days=More Studio Time

Maureen Hope Wall
Back to portraits now that the dark days have officially started. I think this one of Maureen is finished...a typical expression, eyebrows raised. What a beautiful job she did re-habbing the old Odd Fellows hall in Port Angeles! She made and taught sculpture in Italy and has made amazing showers in the old building, while respecting its original character. 

Jack and Clare

Jack and Clare recently moved to Seattle
so Clare can go to grad school for midwifery. Jack can manage NW Planned
Parenthood from there, as well as here.
They've rented their house in PA, so 
we hope they'll be back!


Pieced Mexican-themed table cloths on my red couch      

David and Brian got together around Thanksgiving quite a few years ago now. We were first introduced to Brian by the hand-print turkey he made to decorate the fridge. Since then, he's been coming up with themes to make our Thanksgivings extra festive. You may remember last year's Thanksgiving on a Stick. We voted down TV dinner Thanksgiving...he joined into a family of Foodies, but Brian always cooks something impressive, too...Cranberry sauce on a stick last year.

Skeletons with wire bodies, becoming Day of Dead Angels
This year the theme is Mexico, and 
I've been inspired to start multiple 
projects that I can sew on in front of
movies on my computer. 

I decided that I should start using up
some of my stash, since I haven't 
been able to stop myself from adding to 
it. I got the skull heads in Poulsbo, the
pewter hands and feet from Art Girlz, 
and will have a whole basket full to fill
out with quilt batting, then leftovers of
the Mexican fabric for skin, from one of 
the years I taught at International Quilt Festival in Houston.

A whole history in my stash, and something to do with my eyes and hands 
when I can't go outside; although there were
 a few bright moments when I got out into the yard today. Brilliant reds and yellows in the leaf department this year...although never quite as striking as my home state of Vermont.


Blogger Sue Chesley said...

Hello Pamela! Your blog and website are very nice. Having started a blog and being the worst blogger in the world, I know it's a lot of work.

I hope that once my therapy is finished we can stay in touch. Perhaps I will take one of your online offerings after the holidays. You have a lot going on.

I have tremendous respect for you as an artist and as a healthcare professional, and I wish you continued success in everything you pursue.

Sue Chesley

12:27 PM  

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