Monday, November 07, 2016

Leave my Time Alone!

Early Morning Pink Sky
I have very mixed feelings about Daylight Savings Time and time changes in general...Legend has it that the time change started for the sake of farmers...but I've never known a serious farmer who cared what time was on the clock. Bushie the younger pretended he was saving energy for the nation by messing yet again with the timing of the time change...and while his premise has been disproved, my clock and my furnace haven't accommodated to the change in the change.

Messing with time has shown to be bad for the health, children wearing black getting run over in the just start school later in the dark days...or dress your children appropriately for the weather. More colds when the body's internal rhythms are disrupted. I'm sure it's not as much of a problem closer to the equator.

Retired people can work according to the weather outside, too. Light helps me get going in the morning, and I start winding down when darkness falls.

Blooming ground cover in my gravel yard.

Since I live in the NW US, nature gets confused about the time of year...a number of plants are blooming, and the snow is on the mountains where it belongs.

This week I've had conversations with two of my long-time friends, John from college and David from my first architecture job. With both, I've talked about the long-term effects of the ways we were raised...the voices of parents, real or imagined, have a huge effect on the way we perceive ourselves--Still today, men as well as women. In reaction, I tried to start a Creative Selfishness movement, the premise being, that we can't take good care of those around us, if we don't take good care of ourselves.

I/we still fight the internal voices that tell us we aren't good enough or kind enough, that we don't deserve treats. I keep fighting valiantly...and I'm not all that profligate. I stay within my budget and spend time working on my projects every day.

The Daily Special 11/5 at Hansai in Port Townsend
For the second time in a month, I've treated myself to a filmed live performance at the Rose Theater in Port Townsend...100-mile round trip to see an amazing performance front row: Three Penny Opera by London's Royal Theater and the Alvin Ailey dance troupe at Lincoln Center.

Fortunately these shows are at 12:30, because the days are getting shorter (back to my original topic) and with my declining vision, I don't feel safe driving after dark. When I visit PT in the long days of summer, the beach at Fort Worden or North Beach are usually on my list, but this time my extras were wonderful food and a stimulating conversation with Ron Myhre at Curator's Eye (last time I bought beads).
Ron loves tiny rocks as much as I do, and he introduced me to some of his

He also loves strange and interesting things. His wife works at one of my other favorite restaurants in Port Townsend, Alchemy
I like taking myself on small trips, don't need Europe, or even Seattle...tasting, talking, seeing, world is rich, even when the light is short.
Home again. Rainy days are beautiful. Life is Good!
Check out my other blog: and mark 12/03/16 on your calendar for the holiday show at the Sequim Grange to see and buy what Katie and I have been working on.


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