Monday, October 24, 2016

Please Vote! (in the US)

Fabric Journal Pace using Ancestor Faces

I only have 3 new images on my camera this week...wonder what I've been doing with my time? I know I want to move more quickly on finishing the Ancestor: Making POD book for Amazon...hoping I can remember the final steps, which include creating chapters. I keep finding or making new things to add, but I must stop and take the next step at some point.

After much study and thought, I filled out my ballot Saturday and put it into the ballot box on my way to Port Townsend yesterday. In these times of increasing complexity and upheaval, it's more important than ever to have our votes counted. If we wait for the perfect person or the perfect situation, we will have to wait for a very long time.

I get copies of articles from the Washington Post via Amazon each morning...just found out that they are both owned by the same person. The articles are more like editorials than news, but I guess that's the way of news these days. Apparently the US isn't the only country undergoing political upheaval, what with Brexit and a Pirate party in Iceland, determined to overthrow the status quo.

As we perhaps approach the transition of the rule of old rich white men into a wider involvement of all the population, I hope we can resist the temptation to crawl into a hole and pull the dirt over our heads. The prevalence of Social Media can go either way in confirming fears and hatred or expanding our appreciation for global issues.

As a friend said to me, "If you don't vote, you don't get to complain."

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Don't forget to VOTE! 

I think mail-in ballots are a Marvelous idea!


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