Monday, October 31, 2016

City Love

One Donkey Tail Euphorbia plant self-multiplied

I've been reading For the Love of Cities by Peter Kageyama. Ever since Richard Florida started writing about what makes cities successful, I've said that Port Angeles is full of potential. In the eleven years that I've lived ihere, I've participated in a number of activities designed to realize that potential. I do see pieces of change: the waterfront walk, a few more young businesses downtown that point in the right direction.
Deep Water Harbor with ships, the Waterfront Walk

Once it finally stopped raining on 10/28 (or took a breather) I couldn't bring myself to go back inside. I walked to the library and back up the hill without even stopping to rest...I may be getting stronger. I weeded in the driveway (an endless task) but I can sit on the ground to do it, which is why black jeans have become a permanent part of my outfit. Then I sat on my back steps in the sun and read a book about professional illustrators and art directors getting together weekly to draw...inspiring.

Succulents with a last gasp of bloom

More Waterfront Walk and improved signage

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center has been struggling, but I just greceived notice of a new director and a member meeting. The college is continuing to build and run events...taking classes last year got me started on learning and using new computer skills. How can I continue to encourage the buds, the seedlings of bloom Here where I Live?

I hope the devisiveness of the current election is quickly resolved and that we can celebrate our diversity, rather than yell at each other.

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