Monday, October 28, 2013

Patience and Ripening

It's Monday, and I'm out on my back deck, taking a photo of the pink geraniums and purple petunias still in bloom. It's going to take me a while to get used to less Work-for-Money and more Work-for-Love. When I worked for myself for all those years, no part of the day or week was sacred, and I had/have to remember to take time off to Go Outside, or read, or exercise, or cook or visit the beach or friends.

I appreciate that I've spent half my life managing my own schedule...few people my age have practice with not allowing Work to structure their lives. I remember the importance of stopping to look, to rest, to appreciate what all the work is purchasing in terms of time and enjoyment of Life...good thing I've had lots of practice with living frugally.

The four kinds of winter greens I planted in pots on the back deck are finally starting to grow...It has cooled off enough and I've given them doses of fish fertilizer between the rain storms. They like the protected southern exposure. I've already used some of the outside leaves in cooking--lentil and barley soup, a low-cost, high-nutrition food, which is even more of a priority now that I must keep myself healthy because I can't afford to be sick.

I'm even considering setting the wake up light and radio for 7am, instead of 6am, at least for the dark days of fall/winter. It's hard to avoid the superstitious thought that I must receive punishment for being happy and fulfilled. My new career, as a Legacy Specialist, does not normally require getting up early. I don't need to be waked up in the season of light. I like morning work hours...I save the hardest things for morning, but I don't find it necessary to start before daylight any more--How Nice!.



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