Saturday, May 04, 2013

Looking Closely: A different point of view

I think it's  wonderful, how small cameras
Moth, on the gravel in my yard after a strong wind
are now. Although I haven't moved into
the Modern Era to have a Smart Phone,
I do carry my camera with me all the time
in my purse, which also contains a book
for reading and a book for drawing.

I try to walk, rather than drive, as much
as I can, and to pay attention to what's
around me...moving slower, looking closer.

Paint textures on a column in Seattle

For Artists...and for people truly engaged with life...eyes, hands, brain are all tools to be engaged and honed on a daily basis.

Our famous NW rain enhances colors

Gravel makes so much more sense for a yard
where endless rain alternates with endless 
sun--101  straight days of it last summer. I enjoy 
sitting on the rocks, listening to the birds and
weeding much more than I would running a 
noisy and smelly weed eater. These are Donkey 
Tail Euphorbia, which are multiplying themselves
from one plant I bought several years ago.

The texture in a tree sculpture
 A two-story sculpture of a kind of a tree, made from pieces of old ships, at Seattle Museum of Industry and History...or some such name. David and I went there the last time I was in Seattle...all kinds of things to look at. It's extra rich for me to have both the city and country opportunities.

Wood textures and lines Phinney Community Ctr.

Wood and stone, person-made and 
nature-made. Below the collection of
stones I keep in my car. I use smooth
white stones like worry beads. They've 
been shaped by time and adversity
and I try to view myself that way, aging
in a positive light.

Car stones, pink one from India on the left

 My choices to work as an Artist, rather than at a Job when I was younger mean that I can't afford to travel far now...but I think looking deeply can be as rewarding.

Evergreen textures on my walk to the grocery store

Rust textures on a mailbox
When you can't go far, go deeply.

Lots of material for future art work. I only wish I still had the energy to produce from early morning until late at night. 

Doing Art Work generates more ideas, keeps our hand and eye in shape to continue creating.


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