Sunday, February 03, 2013

Aging with Awareness: World and Word

Port Williams Beach, looking north

I just finished reading Paul Auster’s WINTER JOURNAL, “falling through the rift between world and word,” musing on his life and aging at 64. I’ll turn 66 in a month, and yes I do also see that I don’t have as much energy as I used to. I’m studying aging as hard as I’ve studied being a woman, breaking free from abuse, being an Artist in all its ramifications. Although, indeed, I’ve been aging since the moment I was conceived…now I can’t ignore the process.

Port Williams, looking south, 1/30/13

Last night I watched The Bucket List for the first time, and was happy to realize that I am Happy in my life, in what I’ve accomplished and survived, and accepting of not being the Best or Changing the World in Big ways, but still interested in discovering new things, learning skills, experiencing, creating. I have to build in tasks that involve sitting or lying down after a couple of hours working in the yard or at my easel. My doctor has told me that the 

Sedimentary layers, inspiration
ibuprofen I used for years to hold down the aches enough to keep going is killing my kidneys. My eyes and my thumbs are threatening to wear out. It’s difficult to even imagine an end to the Universe that I know as my Self, but here I am…

Textures, a study in gray

All the inspiration a person would
ever need is just waiting to be seen/ heard/
felt/experienced. I am lucky to have an art
passion that keeps me interested in the next thing,
and the next and the next.

Hint of color in the gray, glowing pink on the outside

Immersion, making, looking, reading, collecting all generate new ideas and new visions. I will never be bored.

A claw, more color, shape, Avatar inspiration
I watched Avatar for the first time this weekend, too. A whole world built out of the minds of those many movie makers...and lots of time and money.

In Seattle last Saturday, shopping with 
my brother, David, the chayote squash
reminding me of winkled toothless observers of the passing scene...
"world and word"

                                                       How is your Winter?


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