Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prolific Art Making...and the spaces in Between

Nancy and Spouse

To one of my online classes: Speaking of prolific art-making times and the Spaces in Between: I'm happy to see that the classes are inspiring some Creative Bursts. I get very crabby when I'm not making Something, be it production or not...but I do have the luxury of living alone and not having to take care of anyone but myself...and my now three-day-a week health care job. I try to keep a mindless sewing job...on a sculpture, quilt, or production/gift dolls/angels, so when the light gets short, I can sew while I watch movies.

Emily at the Farmers' Market

In the studio I listen to kind of bland books on tape, mysteries or romances (guilty secret) but I think the stories help to distract the top level of my mind, the more critical part, so I can just go along and do the work, without getting so critical that I stop the process.

I'm giving myself permission to sit at my dining table and read art books and sketch and write...copying the drawings of others to learn for myself...I really am going to do either comix, graphic novels, or animations...or all of the above, planning on attending Comicon in Seattle as my 67th birthday treat, so I Must have something ready to show! 


Showing Up is the best way to get the work (Art Work) done, and Doing Work, is the best way to generate new ideas.

I've been stuck lately because of the stress of starting the new job, but with the help of friends and confidants, I'm working on unloading the stress--mostly self-imposed, and unrealistic expectations directed at my self, so as I unload the self-imposed stress, get back into the studio, do the work, and generate more ideas, I am a much happier and more productive person. Yesterday I gave myself til 9:30 with books and breakfast, went into the studio and painted a pretty good portrait, and improved one with which I was struggling, and now have time to write to you. This stuff makes me happier than Anything Else I can think of!...Now, Get Thee to the Studio!...if you don't have a specific place, just get to work.


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