Monday, December 02, 2013

Pursuing Passion...Seeing Patterns

I like to take close up pictures of interesting things. This was a dead, disintegrating bird in my yard. Today a live hummingbird looked in at me while I was working on the computer.

I am a book addict, always have been, but now I can really read on all sorts of tangents, and sketch and write as I go. The Port Angeles library has a great collection of graphic novels and I just brought home a book called THE WORLD ATLAS OF STREET ART AND GRAFFITI...which is just fascinating, in both images and writing, tying movements in public art to politics and sociology. Some of the most beautiful works of public art are from some of the most repressive countries. 

Copying images from the Graffiti book

After reading about graffiti and wondering why it is mostly men who do the BIG art, and drawing and writing about the images, I happened to look around and saw the world both inside and outside as a series of large graphic shapes...I often wonder if the small airplanes flying over my yard can see the shapes I've laid out in white stone on black gravel.

Patterns out my front windows, the ones I built and my railings

Patterns: window frames, railings, yard, fences

and on the northeast side, rocks, window frames, stones, fence

New colors of seaweed at Port Williams after high winds and high tide

I'll finish with another gray image...Port Williams, 11/30/13

Gray images for the Olympic Peninsula in late fall...I'm looking forward to celebrating the Solstice Soon! I would like to Be in Every Moment, and never want Time to pass more quickly than it already does...but I do feel more energetic on sunny days. I spent an hour or so in my yard today working in the sunny patches...picking up leaves and pine needles by hand and arranging my rocks. Also spent good studio and reading and drawing time, still eating Thanksgiving leftovers (see my FaceBook page for food pictures)...Life is GOOD!


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