Monday, November 18, 2013

New Threads, Old Threads

Me and trees with sweaters in front of Seattle Center 11/8/13

This is a very interesting phase of my life, which I've been working toward...all my life...and especially in the last year, saving as much money as I can, forging connections and new ways of working, learning to find my own way around Seattle for the first time in all the years I've been going there, losing some weight and working out more often, eating with more healthy intent, cutting back on time working in health care, learning to be a Legacy Specialist, painting, making sculptures, following up on possible opportunities to make a little money with art, "by accident" as my financial planner says. (note the Red Threads of Connection in the tree above.)

Affordable Art Show, Seattle 11/8/13, cool chairs, sculpture, plants 

So far in November, 2013, a City Weekend--finding my way to Ballard...thank goodness for GPS! My first personal experience with the machines that vend scraps of paper to stick in your window to show you've paid to park, bought a slightly-used MacBookPro, so I can do Legacy work on the road. David and I went to the "affordable art" ($400-$4000) show at the Seattle Center. Gallery booths from all over the world...some we admired, some we said, "why?" We also question why we spend so much money and energy on making we really HAVE to make art? I'm afraid I do...what better way to spend my time? Just make sure not to have to frame it (expensive), and that storing it doesn't push me out of my home.

Space Needle through Seattle Center

Saturday I braved driving into Capitol Hill to work with one of my legacy clients. Sorting hundreds of gorgeous drawings helped make fighting traffic and parking more worthwhile, although still stressful and exhausting. I was surprised to get back to David's before the rest of the family to help set up for and then play a rousing game of May I? Even Serene and her friends stuck around for a while. She just turned 21, and I think she has a pretty cool group of parents, uncles, and aunts.

Sunday David made me yet another wonderful breakfast and I was off to school at Artist Trust, learning to master the Data Base, and my new computer. I was so Wiped Out at the end, I cancelled the Marita Dingus opening I had been planning to attend and pushed the HOME button on my GPS.

Strait of Juan de Fuca and Seiku from 112

Back to the Peninsula this last week and a different kind of traveling: La Push to see a Home Health patient on Tuesday, actually Sequim to La Push (no vampire sightings), Port Townsend on Wednesday to train in processing acquisitions with the Jefferson Historical Society, Thursday out to Seiku for a patient.

Scenic Vista just south east of Seiku

Scenic Vista on 112 coming back to PA from Seiku

I feel more comfortable with the hair-pin turns and log trucks, with glimpses of salt water, than charging around...or sitting around in Seattle....although it really is nice to have Both! There are fewer distractions living on the Peninsula as opposed to living in the city. In order to be able to afford to cut back on health care, I also have to cut back on spending. I invite friends over for lunch, instead of going out. I think my next book will be essays on making the last stage of life sing...along with lots of recipes for lentil soup.

I treat myself with pate, deviled egg, cheese, tomato at home

Saturday at the year-round Farmers' Market, with a trip to Ediz Hook for a different point of can't pay for a better vacation! Home made pizza for dinner and movies from the library, one about Milton Glazer and one about Annie Leibovitz...I LOVE learning new things!

Canada from Ediz Hook

Port Angeles and snow-topped mountains from Ediz Hook

This is a very interesting phase of my life: Almost All Art, All the Time...they call it Life Review, and I am bringing all the best threads of my life-to-date together at the end...which I hope lasts 20 years...into a Culmination of Everything I've been working on for almost 67 years...and ALL my good friends!


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