Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hereditary Talent

There's a challenge on Facebook to post 5 black and white photos in 5 days, and my brother tagged me. Taking photos in black and white is a special skill, to See pattern and tone, as opposed to being seduced by color.

Because I have been using old family photos in some of my wall pieces lately, I found the folder of photos my Dad printed, some from a magazine article he did in 1942 about farming in Vermont. I've been listening to Radio Lab on NPR, the last 2 weeks on evolution, both over time and because of environmental stresses. Also listened to OUTLIERS on DVD. Interesting how much of personality seems to be inherited...or is it learned?? At any rate, when I posted some of my father's photographs, I was impressed at what rich skill he demonstrated as such a young age...working with light, pattern, composition and all the classic components of really good art.

Uncle Armor boiling down maple sap, the fog effect

Dad at 16, probably done with a timer, repeating engines

Mom, gathering snow for sugar on snow, note the diagonals

Mom and Dad picnicking, Northeast Kingdom, VT, timer

Holiday lights, Bradford, VT 

Happy Solstice to All! I hope to keep living up to my heritage...Make Art, Love....


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