Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rolling Along: Sculptures with wheels

Spring seems to be a time of forward motion, and Spring has come early this year to the Olympic Peninsula. I’ve been editing my e-book edition of DOLL MAKING AS A TRANSFORMATIVE PROCESS and see the way I’ve noted trends in my own work.

I see a trend of figures on wheels…maybe a precursor to learning animation for my imaginary friends.

Where is she going in such a hurry with that silly grin on her face? Does she know something? Painting with words, 2006 or so, a life-time penchant for words and image

Speedy, Painted muslin body, sewn-on wheels, clay face, sold at a show at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Windsor House...Apoxie Sculpt made a lot of new arrangements possible 

Alphabet for a New Entity. Green wooden wheels, painted muslin body, 2014

This year I'm back to multi-media story-telling images, and wheels figure prominently--Kinetic art. But then who knows where the next flight of fancy will carry me!

Inspired by Ruth Ozeki novel. 2015

Overlapping translucent faces

Winter's Tale, Original drawing

finished piece with rescued metal piece

The rusty wheels were once a functional part of something?

Although I have been diligently working to downsize my possessions, that's a difficult thing for a mixed media artist. One never knows when something might come in handy. A rusty triangular car window frame that I saw on my last trip to Port Townsend...$3 seemed like a lot, but maybe just the thing for the Liquid Planet show at Pippa's this summer...hard to tell, and the mood must be right.

I just re-joined Pinterest and found a number of different approaches to the figure with wheels really appeal to me. Will I have to go back to learning welding? Who knows where these wheels will take me???