Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Convergence Points

Decision Day
Life seems to present Convergence Points, when many changes and decisions...or decisions and changes occur. I apologize for being away for so long...hard to believe it has been almost 2 months away from the blogs. 

This photo is my feet, in my red work shoes, on a Friday in June, was it? when I 
decided to leave my job of the last seven years, the longest I've worked for anyone other than myself.

The Museum and Art Center, Sequim, my Show
I've been dealing with lots of details
in process of organizing the next 
phase of my life...much like before
I moved here from NY eight years ago.

Then I had Lyme disease, a dislocated
right shoulder, and my new car was
run into by a blind man being guided 
by his granddaughter. I was also leaving
a long relationship and 50 years in the

Family at Doug's in June
This time, my family and many friends are around me, I've succeeded in changing my
insurance to Medicare and Regence, and I have a new job--or my original Home Health job for OMC back, and some of the
same friends still there from when I arrived in 2005. 

This time, I plan to work an average of two days a week, and spend the rest of my time making art, writing, trying comix and sculpture, tending my rock yard, and venturing out around the area on day trips.

My Mission
Family at David's in July
statement, hashed out many

moons ago in NY, when I was still--or again-- trying to find ways to support myself with my art, is valid today: My path
is to work with art, words, women, and 
healing, delighting in the creativity that
we all possess and helping others discover
their own gifts in the process.

I was born an artist, and possibly a teacher, but an Artist I will always be, in spite of the re-occurring need for ways
to bring in money to supply a roof over my head and food.

Me, David, Hurricane Ridge 7/13
Life is toooo short to miss opportunities to enjoy the endless warm and sunny days this summer, and meals and stories with family and friends. Life is too short NOT to do Art while I still have the faculties to do vision, my body, my mind...let the Future take care of itself...with my help, of course. 

I've started two-year training to become a Legacy Specialist: helping older artists to catalog their life's work...and in the process, learning how to preserve mine.

I've been compelled/impelled to work in
My Katie, who with Mike, helped hang my show

a frenzy of painting to complete 70 for
my portrait show, Faces and Masks, 
hung yesterday, for the opening this 
coming Friday, August 2nd. Writing and
making paintings and sculpture, being 
with family and friends, being outside 
in my yard and on the beaches, make 
me happy, so that's what I will do.

Please join me at the opening, Friday,
August 2, 5-8pm at the Museum and Art
Center on Cedar St. in Sequim, WA

I will take your picture, and solicit your
thoughts on being a woman, on life, and aging, for my ongoing project.

May we live as long as we need to, 

stay as healthy as we can,

and find work and friends that give us joy!