Friday, June 07, 2013

The Last Time I Saw Seattle: Adventures with Artist Trust and Family

Training to become a Legacy Specialist: Studio Safety  
It's SO Important to keep trying for new
things, especially for Artists of any sort, business people as well...and scientists, 
looking for grants. When you try for many 
opportunities, it doesn't matter as much
if some don't pan out. And it gives you 
practice trying, so you don't get as wound
up and self conscious each time.

I just happened to be looking at the WA Artist Trust newsletter last fall, and just happened to see a call for Legacy Specialist training. Not knowing exactly
what this thing would entail, I decided to

Brother, David, International District
 I was delighted to be among the 12 people selected for one of the four national iterations of this pilot program, sponsored by a grant from the Joan Mitchell Foundation. The purpose is to become trained in the wide variety of skills required to help older artists (including us) record and archive their/our life's work.

Brother, Doug, surprised by Birthday Cake

What an interesting and talented group of participants and speakers! And wide-ranging
topics ranging from interviewing, to business
practices, to studio safety, data base 
management, to packing, storing, and 
shipping art work safely. Much, much more, and
interestingly, topics I've studied over the years
for my own business, both Art and Health Care.

My Reflection photoing window with ART


As I come to the end of one phase of my work life: having to work full tilt in Health Care in order to pay for my Art passion, I'm in a slow transition more and more to the ART side...being grateful for ALL the skills I've picked up along the way.

In the past, I've quit the health care side each time I've saved up enough money to try Art yet again. This time I'll have 2-3 days a week of per diem health care, and focus 4-5 days a week on Art...the balance is tipping in a way to make/keep me happy. Life is too short NOT to try to find and do the work you Love. I may not be the next Picasso or Joan Mitchell, but Why Not pursue what I love???

53) Christie Johnston, Port Angeles organic farmer

 My 100 Hot Flash Women portraits
won't bring me fame and fortune, but
it's fun--and appropriate--to celebrate
ordinary women that I know. 

Like artists, we All mostly work and live
our lives in relative obscurity, and only
those close by really know how totally 
fabulous we really are.

Do What You Love! I can't promise that
the money will follow, but You will live
a happier life, and who knows, maybe
tip the Universal balance toward
kindness and peace.