Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Springtime in the NW: Rain, Flowers, Easter Eggs

Rare sun lights daffodils

Our spring time has been a mixture of pouring rain, rare sunshine, and more Family Feasting in Seattle.

New snow on the Olympics, silhouetting lower trees.
 While daffodils, and now even tulips, flowering trees in all shades of pastel cheer us in town--at sea level to my house at 500 feet, a night of new snow in our mountain backdrop, insures water for summer use and highlights each evergreen at the lower levels.

I stopped on my way to work to take a
picture of the mountains. They form a backdrop to Port Angeles, with the salt water at our feet.

The mountains, town, harbor from Ediz Hook
Sunny Easter, more mountains than I've ever seen before

 Drenching sheets of rain this morning, 
and sun in the afternoon, although the wind was creating white caps in the unusual sight.

Easter was sunny and perfect. Riding to Seattle on the ferry, I saw for the first time how surrounded by mountains Puget Sound is.

Lots of families going back and forth
across the water to meet and eat. I take
a rolling suitcase of wine and food and
David picks me up in Edmonds. There's
a whole mistique to traveling the ferries,
good thing it's so challenging to get back
and forth, or Port Angeles would be
a bedroom community for Seattle.

Brian and Ally

David and Ally


Doug's house with David and Brian's dog,
happy that they had released her from
dog jail upon their return from Palm Springs.
Serene, Mau and another spectacular cake

Connie's Mom, Serene's BF, Mau, and 
family, made for quite a crew...and I 
was So Excited about eating, I never
took a picture of the food...except
for the cake, and everyone taking 
pictures of the cake.

Mau's Dad, brother's GF, Serene, brother, Amal   
 We're getting together again in a couple
of weeks to play cards at David and Brian's house. It sure is nice to have
this much family close by, although I miss my VT uncle and aunt and cousins.